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Lightbulb is led by Chaim Coutts, CEO and Founder.  Chaim has been focused on the insurance sector for over 15 years and has worked with Israeli tech companies serving the sector across Motor and Cyber for the last three years. Chaim’s particular area of expertise is his knowledge of the operational side of the Insurance companies, particularly the Actuarial, Risk and Underwriting aspects of the business. 

Louis Yadgaroff is the Commercial Head.  Louis has built numerous technology companies , with a particular focus on the broad customer market.  Louis has run successful pilots and commercial offerings for a variety of businesses in the telecommunication and insurance sector.


Dr Stewart Coutts is senior advisor to the company and chairs the committee of industry experts that advise the company. Dr Coutts is the pioneer in applying actuarial techniques to pricing commercial and personal insurance.


Carl Tishler works on investments and research. Carl has worked in corporate investing and finance for more than twenty years, with a focus on commercialising products, transaction structuring and managing growth.   Carl has worked with a wide variety of investors and structures.

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