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Lightbulb was created to architect and engineer tech solutions that catapult the Global insurance sector efficiently, access and harness the opportunities presented by emerging technology. These services are based about lightbulb’s four pillars of tech –

New York City


Lightbulb Insur-tech is a UK-based company focused on putting technology in action for the insurance sector.

Lightbulb runs Pilot implementation programs, executes partnerships and carries out action driven research for its insurance and technology company clients. 

Whether it’s an insurance company looking for technology to help build their core coverage area such as Motor, Mobility, Cyber, Home, Life, Aviation, Marine, Reinsurance etc. or whether it’s a technology company looking to access the Insurance market as clients, the actual implementation, making things happen, is the real challenge.    

Lightbulb was built to focus on the implementation, drawing together insurance and tech industry knowledge together with commercial application resources.  



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